The cool thing about having an online community in the kitchen world is that we have an online COMMUNITY in the kitchen world. 

Do you ever get far too distracted on Pinterest looking at all the pretty food pictures and recipes? Or is that just me? 

Everybody knows you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're hungry. But I'd add to that that you shouldn't go on Pinterest when you're hungry, or you'll find yourself trying to explain to your spouse/roommate/self why you're making Oreo pancakes with coconut frosting for dinner. (Although let's be real...does that really need explanation?!)

It's not even just strangers on Pinterest, though—I see pictures all the time on Facebook and Instagram of awesome things my friends and family make in the kitchen. 

Stuff like this:

Or this:
So adorable!
And this:

I could go on. 

But instead, I'll let them do it for me. 

We'll occasionally have guests postings on this Share a Little page, and you'll get to see some diverse, creative, delicious recipes! 

Perhaps even some reindeer sausage or moose stew from my family and friends up in Alaska? 

I'd make some myself, but let me tell you—moose sightings on the beaches of Southern California are very rare.

    Share a Little!

    Recipes only get better by sharing. This page includes guest posts by some awesome people who have offered to share their kitchen adventures with you.


    August 2014