...based on an idea I saw on the blogosphere somewhere once upon a time and when I finally got around to making it, it was even more amazing than I thought it'd be.
When I first laid eyes on this sweet potato/black bean/cilantro/lime/avocado dish during a Pinterest vortex, I thought--I love all. these. things. But I never would've thought to put them together! Which is also why it took several weeks for me to actually make it... I kept forgetting to buy at least one ingredient. 

This dish was well worth the wait, though. I did a little tweaking of the original (can't not!), and the second time I made it, I forgot to buy a jalapeño—and while it does work without it if you're not a fan of heat, the jalapeño really gives the dressing a bright, fresh bite to it. Ahhhmazing. 
Sidenote on my use of the word dressing: it's not quite an accurate descriptor. Sauce might be? But still not quite. It's essentially a thick, creamy, Greek-yogurt-and-avocado-based topping with cilantro, lime, and jalapeño—but I thought that might be a bit of a mouthful. 
I'm excited to share this recipe—perfect for Meatless Monday—and let me know if you make it! 
First, start out with a mostly baked sweet potato. (The kind with orange flesh. People up north seem to call the long potatoes with white flesh "sweet potatoes", but I grew up with my relatives in the Deep South using this name for the orange ones, and I think Don't argue with the Deep South about their food is a safe rule of thumb for life in general.) 

A medium potato typically takes about an hour at 400F, give or take 10 minutes depending on your oven. I like to do things in advance so we're not eating dinner at 8:30PM (seriously, I'm too old for that), so I'll often make this the night before and reheat it when I'm throwing everything else together. 

2 baked sweet potatoes

15oz can of black beans, drained and rinsed
1/4 red onion, diced
cilantro (a handful, or to taste)
red pepper flakes and salt, to taste

1 avocado
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/4c. plain greek yogurt
jalapeño, seeded
3 garlic cloves
cilantro (a handful)
juice of 1 lime
Combine black beans, onion, cilantro, salt, and red pepper flakes in a bowl. 

Slice potatoes down the middle, and fill the opening with the prepared black beans. 

Bake at 400F for 10-15 minutes.
For the topping, place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. It's that simple! Peppers can definitely vary in spiciness depending on—I don't know... their mood that day?—so I recommend starting with half of the seeded pepper and tasting as you go. 
When the potatoes and beans are nice and hot, plate them and add the topping. It might be the best part, so don't be shy with it!

Pictures can't do this dish justice. The combination of flavors is fantastic, and with the potato, black beans, and avocado dressing-sauce-topping, it is absolutely a complete meal in itself. Deliciously surprising flavors—pair it with some iced tea and you're golden.



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