...based on an intoxicating blend of summer ingredients and fall spices, to kick off the season where even though Starbucks has pumpkin lattes already—there's still a bit of summer left. 
Here on the surface of the sun, however, there's no confusion about it still being summer. I find it amusing that all the coconut oil in jars are clear even inside Trader Joe's because it's still so warm!

This recipe calls for melted coconut oil, so if you're still in the dog days where you are, you're golden. 
(Even in our pantry, it's murky white at best. So. Warm.)
Sweet zucchini and warm spices...hint of coconut...gooey dark chocolate...altogether moist goodness from Greek yogurt and coconut oil...I made this bread last week, but putting all these photos together has made me want to remake it immediately. 

So much yum.