...based on your (my?) typical autumn kitchen experiment with pumpkin, maple, and all things delightfully comforting.
I based this recipe on a few different recipes I found while I was lost in a Pinterest vortex last week. I just bought a mini muffin pan (somehow my old one got abandoned during a move! How sad) and wanted to use it. During my recipe search, I was intrigued by the use of molasses and maple as natural sweeteners in the same recipe, so I made sure to include them!
Baking is always more difficult than cooking when it comes to experimenting and combining recipes. You can taste as you go with most cooking, but if you taste uncooked muffin batter you'll probably just come to the conclusion that it'll taste like raw egg and a stalk of wheat. Probably not what you're going for, so instead, you cross your fingers and hope it turns out edible.
Thankfully, I had the forethought to make notes as I went (I don't always—many recipes have been lost for this reason...some for better, some for worse, I'm sure), because these turned out exactly as I'd hoped they would. I paired them with this harvest spice tea and was in heaven. 

They're also great to take along to work or school for a midday snack, or if you're the type of person who forgets to eat breakfast (ahem, my husband! Ha). 

...based on an intoxicating blend of summer ingredients and fall spices, to kick off the season where even though Starbucks has pumpkin lattes already—there's still a bit of summer left. 
Here on the surface of the sun, however, there's no confusion about it still being summer. I find it amusing that all the coconut oil in jars are clear even inside Trader Joe's because it's still so warm!

This recipe calls for melted coconut oil, so if you're still in the dog days where you are, you're golden. 
(Even in our pantry, it's murky white at best. So. Warm.)
Sweet zucchini and warm spices...hint of coconut...gooey dark chocolate...altogether moist goodness from Greek yogurt and coconut oil...I made this bread last week, but putting all these photos together has made me want to remake it immediately. 

So much yum.