...based on my hot-weather-necessitated adventure in How Many Ways Can You Vary A Salad—in which I have discovered that broccoli salads are an awesome variation of their lettuce-based siblings.
Some of you might agree with this awesomeness because you get bored with lettuce after a while.

I hear ya.

Some might agree because broccoli salads usually include bacon.

I hear ya.
(I put up a classic Jim Gaffigan bit on the Laugh a Little page, fyi! It's a must see.)

Many of the broccoli salad recipes I found called for a crazy amount of mayonnaise, so I definitely wanted to make a lighter dressing for mine. Substituting plain yogurt plus a smidgen of mayo (olive oil mayo's my fave) goes a long way in making dressings lighter while keeping the familiar taste.

Fresh broccoli, crunchy veggies and pecans, crispy bacon—all tied together in a light, tangy-sweet dressing. Include some bowtie pasta and sprinkle some fresh Parmesan cheese on top, and you've got a complete dinner that should delight any crowd!

...based on my recent happy accident of purchasing fresh basil
and my recent/current/constant obsession with walnuts.
I have recently been using a lot of fresh basil in my cooking endeavors. There was a slight line-separation discrepancy in the please-pick-this-up-at-Trader-Joe's list I quickly jotted down for the husband a few weeks ago, and instead of having basil Italian sausage in our fridge we ended up with Italian sausage and fresh basil. 

Not complaining! Some miscommunications work out for the better, don't you think? 

One of these days we will start growing fresh herbs on our patio since it is sunny ALLTHETIME, but until then, this purchase will now be intentional. 
I'm also obsessed with walnuts lately. Usually we have pecans around but I have rediscovered that I think walnuts are the king of the stone fruits. (Which is the family nuts as a group apparently belong to...lock that little gem away in case you're ever on Jeopardy.) 

Missing protein on your plate? Try walnuts! Getting bored with your hot breakfast cereal? Try walnuts! Tired of chocolate on your sundae? Try walnuts! 

I'm kidding, that's crazy talk. Keep the chocolate--add walnuts.
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