The idea for this website was born after I had been making a yellow split pea soup and I realized the recipe didn't call for garlic. 

That is just absurd.

To be honest, I can never really make a recipe exactly as it's written. I always end up changing something—including garlic in recipes that strangely don't call for it, adding cinnamon because it makes almost everything even better, using applesauce in baked goods because a whole cup of butter seems hardly justifiable anywhere above the Georgia stateline. (But hey, when in Rome!)
Seriously—if people are making soup without garlic, clearly the internet recipes of the world need me. 

OK, maybe they don't need me. In any case, here I am. Here you are. 

THANKS for stopping by!  

I believe community makes food better. It really does. So feel free to get involved in the conversation and comment with any questions or ideas of your own!