...based on my hot-weather-necessitated adventure in How Many Ways Can You Vary A Salad—in which I have discovered that broccoli salads are an awesome variation of their lettuce-based siblings.
Some of you might agree with this awesomeness because you get bored with lettuce after a while.

I hear ya.

Some might agree because broccoli salads usually include bacon.

I hear ya.
(I put up a classic Jim Gaffigan bit on the Laugh a Little page, fyi! It's a must see.)

Many of the broccoli salad recipes I found called for a crazy amount of mayonnaise, so I definitely wanted to make a lighter dressing for mine. Substituting plain yogurt plus a smidgen of mayo (olive oil mayo's my fave) goes a long way in making dressings lighter while keeping the familiar taste.

Fresh broccoli, crunchy veggies and pecans, crispy bacon—all tied together in a light, tangy-sweet dressing. Include some bowtie pasta and sprinkle some fresh Parmesan cheese on top, and you've got a complete dinner that should delight any crowd!